The Favorite and the cinema "beautifully absurd" by Yorgos Lanthimos seen by his actresses, Emma Stone in head

The first is new in his universe, whereas the other two have already set foot. Met in “The Favorite”, Emma Stone, Rachel Weisz, and Olivia Colman evoke the films of Yorgos Lanthimos. After movies as strange as The Lobster, and killing of the sacred deer, which had allowed him to make himself known to the general public, you really thought that Yorgos Lanthimos was going to address the history of the classical way ? There is of course nothing as The Favorite regularly echo in our time, and bears the mark of a director, including his actresses to evoke the style, and as well the newcomer Emma Stone as Rachel Weisz and OIivia Colman, already familiar to his universe. Which has also been referred to our micro by the main party, at the same time as his new baby, nominated for ten Oscars. AlloCinĂ© : Can you see “The Favorite” as the third part of a trilogy on human nature, with a first component located in the future, the second is the present and the last in the past ?
Yorgos Lanthimos : If you want it, yes (laughter) But it was not my intention. I don’t look at my work in terms of trilogies or trying to wrap up my films of the kind. I take each thing at a time, as they occur, but what is good when we make films, it is that people can observe items in your work which you do have, without doubt, not of decline. If you find any connections, that’s great. This scenario has not been written by you. In what ways have you felt that the film could fit into your universe ?
The original screenplay, signed Deborah Dean Davis, was very interesting because it talked about these three women who, in a moment of History, had this great power in the hands. But the changes of character, of relationship and of behavior that occurred in the story, they have altered the destiny of the whole country and the world. This alone seemed to me to be interesting, and then I worked for several years with Tony McNamara, who arrived later on the project, to try to make the tone closer to something that I could do and would like to talk about, with a peculiar sensation. It has taken us some time and I was closely involved in this process, so in the end I had the same feeling that working on my previous films. Even more, considering that it took me more time and that he more matured in our respective heads before we finished for the do it really. Twentieth Century Fox Yorgos Lanthimos on the set of “The Favorite” You are your references for this film, and it’s amazing : because if there are “Possession”, “Amadeus” or “Cries and whispers”, “Barry Lyndon” is not present then that one thinks quickly in front of “The Favorite”. You did it when similarly influenced in one way or another ?
I always try to avoid influences. When you start to name them, it becomes very accurate. The films you mention are period films, but we also looked at some contemporary, to be inspired on the creative front. For me it is just an accumulation of very different things that affect you and make you do what you do. Barry Lyndon is a film that you can’t avoid when you do one at a time close to his own. This is one of the greatest films ever made, you can’t prevent people from thinking about it. We have consciously tried to avoid thinking too much about it or look at it from our side : if it is hard to escape, it’s best to leave out as much as possible (laughs) You started your career in filming dance, and ballet performances. Do you think that it is for this reason that your mise-en-scene is so precise, and your camera gives the impression of dancing around players ?
It probably has to do with it, yes. The physicality is an aspect on which I like to work with. I try also not to over-intellectualize when I’m working with the actors around the characters and the story. I try to focus the work on the physical plane, trying things out, doing exercises, or games, or changes while we are shooting. The physicality plays a big role in my work.

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